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Bookkeeping / Accounting Services

Database Services

We supply comprehensive database services for the entire data life cycle:

picture of ERD

Requirements Analysis

Relational Database Design and Architecture

We can design flexible, efficient, and reliable databases that will fit your data needs today and in the future. Establishing data standards helps ensure database manageability over time.

Database Development and Reengineering

We can build and modify fully-featured databases that both stand alone and serve as back ends to applications, supporting the daily transactions of your business.

Conversion and Data Migration

Whenever data needs to be systematically modified or relocated, our solutions ensure reliable, efficient results.

Data Warehousing

Today's business managers rely more and more on business intelligence for accurate analysis and decision making. Data warehousing gathers your diverse data and makes it accessible and "smart", supporting charts, unlimited analyses, and more.

Data Dictionaries

Application Development

We can develop customized software, such as our Computerized Estimating System.

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