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Why Does Your Business Need an Access Database? (October 2015)

An Access database will transform your business transactions to knowledge you can use to make better decisions. It can answer questions like: How can I control my costs? How can I increase my revenues? What is my best-selling product? Access is nimble, so it can easily answer any ad-hoc questions that may come up. PrestoServ can help you ask the right questions and get the answers you need.

If a large, enterprise database system like Oracle is not in the company budget, consider Access. As part of the Microsoft Office suite, itís affordable. And if youíre new to databases, it makes sense to start small. PrestoServís consulting services can also fit into your budget because you only pay for the time you need.

Because Access has a user-friendly interface, itís easy to learn and use. Instead of hiring an expensive DBA, you can have your support staff operate it. PrestoServ can provide as little or as much training as you need.

Because Access is a file, you can easily transport it to wherever you need to work.

Access contains both the ďback endĒ and the ďfront end.Ē This means you donít have to buy an off-the-shelf expensive software system or hire a developer to build an interface. In addition to tables and queries, Access includes data entry forms and reports that PrestoServ can help you customize.

Donít let the simplicity of Access fool you. Itís still a powerful tool with all the requirements of a good database -- security, data integrity, and sophisticated data relationships to avoid redundancy.

Does your companyís IT department have so much red tape or lack of resources youíve given up on getting help from them? With Access, you donít need them. With the help of PrestoServ, you can develop your own database. If and when the time is right, you can hand it over to the IT department. Theyíll be happy because the hard work will already be done.

Stepping Stone
RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. With Access, you can build a real, workable database, which may be all youíll ever need. But if and when the need arises, you can branch out to a higher-capacity enterprise database system like Oracle or SQL Server. The good news is that with PrestoServís help, migrating your data from Access to the new system will be a cinch.

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